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New Year’s Resolution for Healthier Kids

So many parents are looking for easier ways to feed their kids. Time, budget and convenience are HUGE excuses used for feeding their children snacks and quasi-meals loaded with artificial ingredients, sugars (yes, even juices) and other items missing vital nutrients. My friend, Valérie Delahaye, of is working to change that. Watch as Valérie […]

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RIDDLE: What do Ebola, AIDS and Oklahoma City Have in Common?

For quite some time now, I’ve been fascinated by how Africa and Asia (but mostly Africa) seems to suddenly become recognized as a hotbed for deadly diseases. This clearly wasn’t always the case, but something that gradually became more of an issue in my lifetime. A few weeks ago, listening to talk radio in my […]

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The Road to Addiction… Redefining Treats for Halloween and Beyond

Although likely to have originated as a pagan harvest festival, to most people, Halloween is a simple quasi holiday — a day where “a kid can be a kid”. A sort of Mardi Gras for kids and kids at heart, people dress up in sometimes scary costume to take part is a type of innocent debauchery usually involving an overdose of […]

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Instantly Improve Your Relationship with Food

The biggest misunderstanding about Food in America is that we think too much about it. I, however, would argue the opposite — we don’t think enough about what we put in our mouths. In fact, it has gotten to the point where we actively avoid thinking about Food until we are ravenously hungry. This inevitably leads […]

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Obesity More Out of Control than EVER!

In several posts over the years, I have talked about how what we focus on expands. Well, today, we learned that America’s fight against obesity has resulted in just that. Adult obesity rates increased in six U.S. states and fell in none last year, and in more states than ever — 20 — at least 30 […]

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