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Nutrition Heretic

Welcome inside the world of the Nutrition Heretic. Enter, if you dare.

The Nutrition Heretic smashes the sacred cows of cult-like and conventional diets alike. This site is not merely for those seeking weight loss, but for anyone in search of better health and a happier relationship with Food.

This site is not for you, if you:

  • Like starvation diets
  • Look forward to counting every calorie or fat gram
  • Enjoy having no energy
  • Get turned on by allergies, asthma, autism, cancer and other disorders paralyzing humanity
  • Hope to live a worse quality of life than your ancestors

Side effects from reading this site are:

  • An open mind
  • An understanding of how your body works
  • Making sense of everything you’ve ever been told about health before
  • and much, much more



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  • As always, Adrienne brings together interesting information, great recipes and a bit of humor.

    Lisa Zingzap
    Lisa ZingzapMontana's Cookhouse
  • Well written and humorous.....I learned so much about honey.....I now buy honey locally and find uses for it everyday!

    Calif Shopper
    Calif Shopper Rose Records
  • I love that you can find use for honey in this book, not just to eat or drink but also as a household remedy.

    Britt Malka
    Britt MalkaTwo Pesos
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