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Hi, My name is Adrienne Hew. This winter, my kids (ages 3 and 10) and I are seeking refuge from the frigid, depressing winters of northwest New Jersey. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Honolulu 2 years ago, we knew that Hawaii would one day be our home. For this reason, we are in search of a home, apartment or other living arrangement in the islands for a 3-6 month sabbatical that will afford us the time to search for a permanent home in the islands.

Unfortunately due to the type of work he currently does, my husband will not be able to spend the entire time with us so he can work at his day job. He will be providing our rent during our stay.

Who are we?

  • Mom, Adrienne, age 43

  • Dad, Joe, age 39

  • Daughter, Daisy, 10

  • Daughter, Willow, 3

What do we do?

  • Joe is a copywriter for an ad agency in New Jersey. He is one of the best around.

  • Adrienne is a holistic nutritionist and Internet marketer, providing support to other professionals putting their businesses online.

Here is our ideal wishlist in a temporary abode in Hawaii:

  • Clean, furnished apartment or o’hana with outside play areas for kids (in case mama has to work indoors)

  • Kailua-Kona area at a reasonably high elevation, away from beaches and heavily touristed areas — property on a working organic farm is right up our alley!

  • 2 or more bedrooms; bunk beds, twin beds or pull out sofa for the girls would be perfect.

  • 1 or more bathrooms

  • Wi-fi or other high speed Internet connection (because I work online)

  • Indoor or outdoor kitchen

  • Great schools (I may homeschool, but if I cannot, then great schools are a must)

  • Washing machine on premises — can live without a dryer if there’s an outdoor space to hang clothes to dry.

  • Willing to pay market rate for a place — just let us know what you’ve got and I’m sure we can work it out if your place is going for market rate

  • Access to a car, if possible (we do not eat in cars, so no danger of Cheerios and other junk stuck under your seats) — willing to pay more for this


  • Starting on or about December 15th for 3 to 6 months.

Would consider:

  • Dog sitting, if house is kept clean and not overrun with dog hair or smell. Sorry, I’m not a cat person, but may consider other pets.

  • A yurt or other rustic type living situation such as outdoor showers, composting toilets etc.

  • Bartering SEO (search engine optimization) or website development services in exchange for full or partial rent

Definitely don’t want:

  • HOVE or similar areas

What you need to know about us:

  • We have stellar credit and will never give you problems with paying rent on time.

  • We are responsible parents. Our kids know who is boss.

  • Our children are unusually well-behaved. Even people who don’t like kids love our kids.

  • Mom cooks A LOT. So no junk food wrappers or sticky candy getting stuck to your floors and furniture.

  • We don’t smoke.

  • We don’t have pets.

  • We are honest.

  • As homeowners on the mainland, we will honor your living quarters as if they were our own.

  • We expect our landlords to treat us fairly in return for being good tenants.

If you have moved there from the mainland, I am sure you are aware of the hurdles of trying to escape the mainland grind in order to seek refuge in the closest thing to paradise that we have in the United States. We recognize how difficult it must be to trust an unseen tenant who is not currently in the islands, but we hope to be able to find an equally trustworthy landlord in you. 🙂

Want to know more about us? Please connect with me on Facebook, Google + or Twitter. (Please be discreet about our move to Hawaii as I haven’t told my daughter’s school yet of the potential move. They will know as soon as we are able to secure a place.)

Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you soon.

Sending aloha,

Akiliana (Adrienne)

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