What to Eat

There’s a lot of debate today about what is good or bad to eat. I’d agree with most of the theories except for one fatal flaw — nearly all of today’s diets gang up on real, natural foods. What’s up with that?

The media bombards us with false messages of the inherent dangers of animal foods (especially red meat and dairy) and the dreaded saturated fat contained in butter and eggs. To make matters worse, the same outfits that warn us about these foods have allowed the caging of our chicken breeding deadly bird diseases and has allowed our waters to become so polluted that these once nutritious foods are also now off limits.

But walk into any health food store and chances are good health is in short supply there too. The shelves are lined with heavily processed “health foods” that are sometimes even more dangerous than their non-organic counterparts. So what to do?

To my mind (and experience) the only thing that makes sense is to return to the diet humans ate when cancer, heart disease, allergies, asthma and all the other modern diseases were rare. Luckily, most parts of the world I have seen still eats more in harmony with this philosophy that we North Americans do. So whether you’re on the road or at home, take the following into consideration:

Fat is not the enemy.

Natural fats, not just olive oil, are necessary

for proper functioning of every body system

and the absorption of many nutrients.


Real food can be grown in a garden,

raised on grass,

caught wild in the ocean,

or prepared in a kitchen,

not in a manufacturing plant, in confinement

or in a lab.


The first step to good health begins with

what we eat.

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