Heather Dane; Affirmations and Intuition

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Last week, we spoke with Heather Dane, co-author of The Bone Broth Secret, about how bone broth solves many health issues as well as addressing problems of food waste and poverty in our country.

Affirmations and Intuition, Heather Dane Interview

This week, we continue discussing the controversies over adding apple cider vinegar to broth, as well as discussing how her co-author, Louise Hay, intuits affirmations for healing disease. And how to pick the best item on a menu.

Health Coach and 21st century medicine woman, Heather Dane combines ancient wisdom from her Native American lineage with holistic health and nutrition training to offer the most cutting edge prescriptive remedies for your health. She has co-authored two books with Louise Hay: Loving Yourself to Great Health and The Bone Broth Secret: A Culinary Adventure in Health, Beauty and Longevity.

Heather is a regular contributor to Mind Body Green, Price-Pottinger Nutrition Foundation Journal, HealYourLife.com; and she has a Hay House Radio show that airs on Mondays. Learn more about Heather at Heather DaneFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Highlights from today’s episode:

02:18 ~ What exactly does apple cider vinegar do?

08:10 ~ Using intuition over science.

15:07 ~ How Louise’s life experiences formed her intuition.

21:07 ~ Respecting all life forms.

26:30 ~ Learning to trust yourself.

33:05 ~ The process for always choosing the best thing on the menu in restaurants.

44:01 ~ How Louise knows which affirmations will be effective for specific conditions.

46:48 ~ Why affirmations are only one piece of the health puzzle.

53:12 ~ Creative ways to get bone broth in the diet.

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