Guest Heretic Pamela Richardson; Author of Magical Essentials; Using Essential Oils to Age Beautifully

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What can a smoker teach us about looking youthful? Apparently a lot! 10 years ago, Pamela Richardson looked in the mirror and saw a 60 year old woman staring back. The problem was she was only 50. She immediately ditched her expensive face creams and developed a system of using 100% organic essential oils to reverse the aging process.

Pamela Richardson, Using Essential Oils For Beauty

Today at age 61 — and smoking — she looks 50! Imagine how youthful you can look if you don’t smoke at all!

Tune in to hear Pamela’s daily skincare routine and grab her book, Magical Essentials, to find out how to tone and rejuvenate tired skin from head to toe!

Pamela Richardson can found on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Click here to access Pamela Richardson’s Convenient Essential Oil Recipe to Nourish and Hydrate Your Skin

Are you looking your age?  Learn how to retain or bring back your youthful glow in Pamela’s book, Magical Essentials: Age Beautifully: