All About Weight On This Week’s Q & A

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This week’s Q & A is all about weight and weight loss.  Does body type have anything to do with it?  Can the order in which you eat your food during your meals make a difference to your hunger satiation?  Are enriched products good for you; what do they really contain?  What does trauma have to do with weight loss or gain?  And there’s plenty of talk about parasites!

Questions about weight loss answered

Tune in to hear this week’s questions about weight loss:

  1. Is it about calories in vs. calories out?
  2. What is most important: quality ingredients or quality diet? Meaning avoiding bad stuff but maybe not eating organic.
  3. What do you do with an eleven-year-old who is always hungry?
  4. I can’t seem to shed weight even though I think I eat well.
  5. The role of physical activity in weight loss is also touched on, and will be explored further in a future Q&A (you can also listen to this episode that also talks about it)

What is the Weekly Q&A?

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