A Cure for Autism? Stacey Shepard, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified GAPS practitioner

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If you know someone with a child who is autistic, has ADD or behavioral disorders, make sure they listen to this show.  Our guest heretic, Stacey Shepard is an acupuncturist and Certified GAPS practitioner who has been been healing the underlying digestive disorders that contribute to these conditions and more.  In this show, we discuss the numerous causes behind poor gut health and why establishing a healthy microbiome is your best bet for completely reversing these conditions.

Behavioral disorders and the GAPS diet, Stacey Shepard Interview

Stacey Shepard is a licensed practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine.  She specializes in chronic and recalcitrant diseases, and she relies heavily upon Chinese herbs and dietary therapy throughout the healing process.  Stacey is also a Certified GAPS Practitioner, and she is continually amazed by the incredible healing powers of whole foods and natural medicine.  You can find her at Whooping Crane Integrative Medicine if you would like to discuss how GAPS can work for you.

Next week on the show, we continue the conversation with Ms. Shepard about how she healed digestive issues she didn’t even know she had using the GAPS protocol. We’ll also get more into her experience with using acupuncture and herbs to improve outcomes and how you can get in touch with her to help you along with your healing journey.  Don’t miss it!

Highlights from today’s episode:

5:58 ~ What does GAPS mean?

8:25 ~ What vaccines do to the intestinal wall

17:20 ~ Why fiber is sometimes the wrong prescription

21:20 ~ Other conditions that benefit from GAPS

22:50 ~ The dangers of going gluten free

34:55 ~ How herbs and acupuncture make GAPS easier

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