Unnecessary Surgeries; Guest Tudor Pangal Author of Back Pain: How I Got Rid of It After Suffering For 20 Years

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Do you really need drastic surgery to fix your pain or are there other factors and alternatives to consider? We also look at statin drugs and what negative affects they may have on users. The truth is that every cell in your body needs cholesterol (there is no such thing as good and bad), especially as it ages and that limiting it has everything to do with declining brain function.

Tudor Pangal interview, unnecessary surgery

Author Tudor Pangal joins us to discuss how he overcame crippling back pain without surgery by taking a holistic approach to treating his chronic pain. Your mind and attitude plays a big roll in dealing with such pain and so does your lifestyle. Tudor explains how after 20 years of terrible back pain he came to the realization that he could overcome it with the right exercise and just as importantly, the right mindset.

Tudor shares some wonderful stories about using inversion and table tennis and how working on your legs, makes a guy’s butt look better — it’s in his books, Back Pain: How I Got Rid of It After Suffering For 20 Years! and  We did NOT make that one up!

As well, we answer the pressing question: Is it OK to leap over a net in table tennis?

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And check out Tudor’s other book in the series:

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