Easy Backyard Chickens With Justin Rhodes

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Give Justin Rhodes 2 1/2 hours and he can teach you everything you need to know about keeping backyard chickens. In today’s episode we talk with Rhodes about his 10 year journey of raising permaculture chickens, including how he went from feeding expensive grain to using a compost feeding system that can actually put more money in his pocket.  You won’t want to miss hearing about all of the parts of a rooster you can eat, nothing goes to waste with permaculture.

Raising Permaculture Chickens, Interview with Justin Rhodes

Don’t miss the conclusion of this interview with Justin Rhodes next week when we get his take on culling those ornery roosters, solutions for keeping birds when the temps drop below freezing and how to watch his film “Permaculture Chickens.”

You can follow Justin through his website, Abundant PermacultureFacebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Highlights from today’s episode:

4:30 ~ The best-ever description of permaculture.

5:07 ~ What does “permaculture chickens” mean?

8:50 ~ How to feed your chickens for free!

15:49 ~ How the Rhodes’ started raising chickens.

21:55 ~ Start the timer! How fast can chickens make usable compost?

23:10 ~ Egg quality vs. quanity – why all eggs are not the same.

26:10 ~ How to hande a sick chick.

29:30 ~ Surival of the fittest.

32:00 ~ Coop construction.

34:12 ~ Advantages of having a rooster around.

38:03 ~ Eating your cock – balls and all!

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