Be a Guest on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast

Would you like to be a guest on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast?

Each week we bring our listeners new and alternative insight regarding health and nutrition.

Our objective is to educate people about how they feed and care for their bodies and give them information that otherwise might not have crossed their paths in conventionally accepted approaches to achieving better health. The show format takes a more relaxed, down-to-earth approach than typical health shows allowing listeners to really connect with the hosts and featured guests.

Each show is approximately 40 minutes long and we would only require about 45-60 minutes of your time. As a qualified nutritionist, I can promise you that the conversation will be worth your time and more importantly well worth the time of our listeners. Click here to listen to past episodes.

If you would like to apply to be considered as a guest on the Nutrition Heretic podcast, please out the form below. Once we receive your completed form, we’ll send more details to see if we’re a good fit.

Be a Guest on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast