Cleaning Up Our Body Care; Leah E. McCullough, The Fibro Lady – Part II

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In the last episode, we discussed Leah McCullough’s miraculous recovery from fibromyalgia. Today we continue our discussion with her strategies to ease into healing even if you can’t get out of bed and external factors you can add to your protocol that will take your healing to the next level.

Cleaning Up Our Body Care, Leah McCullough Interview

If you’d like more information, visit Leah’s website, Leah E. McCullough or follow her on Facebook.

Highlights from today’s episode:

5:40 ~ The importance of improving your external environment.

15:40 ~ Why exercise could delay healing.

27:53 ~ Questions from listeners.

36:40 ~ 5 Simple ways to reduce and sooth fibromyalgia pain now

Freedom From Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps To Complete Recovery by Leah E. McCullough is available on Amazon! Get a copy for you or someone you know that is ready for action.

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