Beyond Organic; Healing Our Soil; Remediating Fukushima Radiation; Guest Jeremiah Hinton of Maxwell Farms

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It’s no secret that factory farming has eroded our top soil, but is organic really the answer? Many people are surprised to know that while organics are better to eat than conventional foods because of the reduced pesticide use, they still deplete our soils at an alarming rate. So what IS the answer? This week, our guest, Jeremiah Hinton of Maxwell Farms explains the benefits of building the microorganisms in soil with Bokashi composting, fish emulsion and other cheap soil-building techniques that use ingredients that might already be in your kitchen. These natural farming techniques will leave your soil healthier and more nutrient rich than before you planted your crops!

Jeremiah Hinton interview, bokashi, beyond organic

For those who aren’t ready to start soaking fish guts in sugar, Jeremiah sells his fish emulsion on his website at Maxwell Farms Hawai’i.

Click here to access Jeremiah Hinton’s Bokashi Recipe: How to Turn Any Kitchen Scraps Into Black Gold In One Month

If you’re curious about Bokashi and would like to learn more about how you can reduce your kitchen waste and at the same time revitalize your soil, you may like to read up on it, and if you’d like to jump in and start composing at home, here are a couple products that might interest you:

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