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50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls!


Curious about cock? You’re not the only one. Once revered for his virility and strength, the rooster has taken a back seat to the hen in more recent years. With recipes like Risotto Cock Balls and Cock-o’s, “50 Ways to Eat Cock” is a fun and inventive chicken cookbook that takes a revealing look at the folklore, history, culinary culture and nutritional benefits of this well-endowed ingredient. In it you’ll learn practical, economical and healthy chicken recipes that will impress your friends and nourish your body.

With tongue-in-cheek descriptions, these playful cock recipes are bulging with everything from the quintessential to the quick-and-easy to the downright quirky. You’ll learn how to tame this tough bird meat into succulent and finger-licking gourmet meals. Thanks to the ingenuity of author and Certified Nutritionist, Adrienne Hew, the noble cock retakes his rightful place at the head of the table. Grab the “hard copy” as the perfect bridal shower gift!


French women are not so easily seduced by the false promises of food processing companies. Instead, they follow their bodies’ needs and the wisdom of their ancestors. The result is slender bodies, youthful skin, long lifespans and, above all, a healthy relationship with food.

Based upon over 20 years of wisdom collected from sexy French women, Frenching Your Food takes a fun and innovative look at the wisdom of the French diet from a unique perspective that is bound to make a lasting impression on readers. This book is for thinking people who want to start losing weight, feeling great and look younger and sexier, while actually enjoying their meals instead of killing themselves at the gym and relying on starvation gimmicks to shed excess pounds. Learn to love yourself and love your food.

Frenching Your Food: 7 Guilt Free French Diet Tips
Honeylingus: 50 Healthy Honey Recipes


Honeylingus: 50 Healthy Honey Recipes that Will Leave You Begging for More is more than just a book with recipes containing Honey, it’s a cookbook that shows you the best Honey recipes for showcasing the sultry and seductive flavors in your Honey.

Contrasting her wildly popular tome, 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls!, Certified Nutritionist Adrienne Hew’s Honeylingus: 50 Healthy Honey Recipes that Will Leave You Begging for More explores this decidedly feminine traditional food like you’ve never seen it before. Join her on her journey from Honey virgin to deflowered aficionado while learning about the secrets of the hive and the crisis facing the bees. It will change the way you look at Honey forever!


Ever wonder how to drink while dieting? Millions of people in the United States are frantically trying to drink more water in an attempt to lose weight and be more healthy. Yet despite following the advice of drinking 8 x 8, their weight goes up and they may actually be harming their overall health.

Conditions like adrenal insufficiency or adrenal fatigue are common in our fast-paced world and drinking more water can lead to water retention, coma and even death. If you are one of these people who wonders why drinking more water has made you gain weight, caused you to get more wrinkles and feel generally lousy, then Drowning in 8 Glasses: 7 Myths about Water Revealed just may hold the answers you have been seeking.

Drowning in 8 Glasses: 7 Myths about Water Revealed

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