Let’s Talk Breakfast: What Do You Eat? Weekly Q&A

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Why do we export our sub-quality food while complaining that other countries also do the same?  This week on the Nutrition Heretic’s Weekly Q&A, the discussion revolves around garlic.  Is it a poison?  Why isn’t it good for preserving?  What has Nikola’s experience been with it?

What do you eat for breakfast, nutrition heretic podcast

 Adrienne talks about what she’s learned while earning a certificate as a Master Food Preserver to shed some light on the ins and outs of preserving and why starchy foods are not preserved. What do you consume for breakfast?  What’s the difference between what Europeans and Americans eat; find out what our hosts typically eat, and how they change things up.

Tune in to hear this week’s questions:

Today’s episode ends not with questions for Adrienne, but rather with Adrienne asking questions to a listener, Judy:

  • Why doesn’t my hen lay eggs anymore?

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