Phil Escott: Eating Seasonally and Regionally as a Carnivore

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In part 1 of our interview with Phil Escott, we learned about what he does, what the carnivore diet did for him and how to prevent diets turning into cults. This week we’ll find out more about the definition of a Paleo diet, how hard is it for a carnivore to travel around the world, and how much meat does he eat per day, how to eat seasonally and regionally for health, as well as how to get on the waiting list for Phil’s new Carnivore course.

Phil Escott, Eating Seasonally and Regionally as a Carnivore

Phil is a health writer, blogger, personal trainer, novelist and drummer from the UK who has spent many years in the health and fitness industry, running a gym, writing for many magazines and training hundreds of clients successfully. Due to a crippling bout of inflammatory arthritis in 2010, which he reversed by natural means including an ancestral/seasonal low carb diet, addressing EMFs and circadian mismatches and emotional balancing, further intense study revealed many secrets of healing normally hidden behind the misleading conventional medical and health dogma.

Reversing so-called “incurable” illness has taken him to knowledge he would never otherwise have discovered; it has deepened his relationships with himself, his loved ones and fellow humans in general, and given him a deep confidence that all is very much well with the world. It takes some time to discover, but illness on any level is a true gift, which modern society tells us to ignore by blotting all the painful but essential symptoms with dangerous pharmaceuticals. Through illness we can read all we need to know about what we need to heal at a deeper level than just physically.

He has also published three books including an Amazon Kindle bestseller on healing autoimmune conditions and his own journey in detail called Arthritis – The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me with foreword by well-known neurosurgeon and medical visionary, Dr. Jack Kruse.

You can connect with Phil on his website, Pure Activity, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Highlights from today’s episode:

02:16 ~ The seasoning debate continues.

04:55 ~ Unique carnivorian cultural observances.

11:50 ~ Turning dietary dogma upside down.

13:40 ~ Adrienne’s theory of locality.

17:50 ~ Eating seasonally and regionally.

20:07 ~ Phil’s April retreat in Spain.

24:07 ~ How to travel when you’re on a carnivore diet aka, the snake diet.

27:28 ~ How much meat is really consumed daily on a carnivore diet?

28:56 ~ The secrets of salt and water.

31:54 ~ Escaping the dogma (except when it comes to which way to hang the toilet roll).

32:31 ~ Phil’s upcoming carnivore course.

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Phil Escott, Real Life on a Carnivore Diet, Nutrition Heretic Podcast

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