Environmental Impacts of a Carnivore Diet with Guest Heretic, Dr. Shawn Baker

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You’ve probably heard of vegetarian and vegan diets, but have you ever heard of a carnivore diet? Today’s guest heretic, Dr. Shawn Baker, will share his experience with eating only meat. We’ll learn if you should be leaning more towards the carnivore side of the food plate, why are there so many ex-vegans in the carnivore camp, as well as the real environmental impact of a carnivore diet.

Shawn Baker, impacts of a carnivore diet on the environment

Don’t forget to catch the second half of this interview when we delve more into the heresy of meat seasoning and the most elusive aspect of being a carnivore; pooping.

Dr. Shawn Baker is an orthopedic surgeon, a multi-sport world record setting athlete, a father, antidote for a broken health-care system, citizen science enabler, and a Carnivorous Anti-Hero.   You can connect with Shawn through his website, the Carnivore Training System, his podcast, The Human Performance Outliers, and on YouTube.

Highlights from today’s carnivore diet episode:

08:33 ~ Dr. Baker’s background and how he sees the carnivore diet as an option for some people.

11:31 ~ History of grain-based and carnivore diets.

14:46 ~ By eating more animal foods are we increasing climate change?

23:44 ~ Are human methane emissions of consequence?  How animals other than cattle come into the equation.

27:53 ~ How regenerative pastoring helps the environment in areas where vegetable farming is impractical.

30:16 ~ Why synthetic, lab-grown meat is not the way forward.

34:50 ~ How a carnivore diet can affect your health.

36:15 ~ Is there a difference between GMO meat and pastured meat when it comes to a carnivore diet?

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