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Bill Maher’s hilarious takedown of the “pro-science” Party

Bill Maher exposes political motives in Covid reporting

Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth on my love of Bill Maher’s comedy. This video put him back on my radar.

Watch as he addresses important issues driving the paranoid voices behind the pandemic, the outright exaggerations “smart” people have bought into, and where our focus should be, if we really want to live normally again.

Politics should never have been a decision-making factor in a global health crisis, yet that is exactly how many people are making their health decisions. If those “Trumpanzees” are saying, “This,” I’m saying, “That!”

Really? Is that how shallow and unthinking we have become? This is the party of “science”?

Sorry, but this is ego, not science.

In any case, this is the first time I’ve seen this type of honesty on a mainstream outlet in the US. Kudos to HBO for not censoring him because the official narrative thus far has done little more than undermine any progress.

It’s just a shame he wasn’t able to go into the many ways in which NY failed its citizens. I can corroborate that in DC, this is how my dad was handled and then allowed to die on a “therapy” we already knew didn’t work before the first US case was reported. But since they removed all proven treatments, what could we do?

Suffice it to say, for profit media that vies for awards in reporting doesn’t help the situation.

Oh, and does anyone else think the Austin Motel’s sign is a bit rude? Is that a finger? Or….?

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