Raising chickens in the City: Justin Rhodes Part II

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This week we continue our interview with Justin Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture about raising chickens in the city.  He enlightens us on the procedures to take for sick birds, the mating habits of chickens and what his favorite breeds are and why. Plus our listeners get their most burning cock questions answered. All this and more….

Justin Rhodes, Raising Chickens in the City

If you missed last week’s episode when Justin taught us everything we need to know about raising permaculture chickens, including how to enjoy every last bit of the chicken you just choked, you can listen to it right here.

You can follow Justin through his website, Abundant PermacultureFacebook, YouTube, and  Pinterest.

Access Justin’s free video series on raising chickens.

 Highlights from today’s episode:

2:53 ~ Protecting your flock from predators such as dogs and mongoose.

5:00 ~ Breeding your birds and incest – gross!

14:34 ~ How long chicken litter should be composted before using in the garden.

19:20 ~ Justin’s favorite dual purpose chickens.

26:35 ~ Special considerations for keeping chickens in freezing winter climates.

31:09 ~ Learn about Justin’s Permaculture Chickens Film.

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