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Your Questions Answered About CALORIES on The Nutrition Heretic Weekly Q&APeople are looking for meaning in their lives; a group to belong to.  Has counting calories become the new religion?  One of the ways you can induct someone into a cult is by changing the way they eat.  Why have calories become more important than nutrition?

Don’t fear calories; fear food devoid of nutrition overall.  Interestingly, calories are viewed differently in Europe, why is this?

And don’t miss the big (accidental) reveal of Adrienne’s top secret location for her upcoming trip!  All will be revealed on this week’s Q&A with The Nutrition Heretic.



Your Questions Answered about Calories:

  • Are calories a big concern in Croatia?
  • What’s the difference between calories in North America vs Europe?
  • Why do The Biggest Losers gain weight again?

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