Curing Back Pain in 90 Seconds with Certified Neuromuscular Therapist Gadi Kaufman

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Author of Back Pain Relief in 90 Seconds and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist Gadi Kaufman explains how you can heal back problems with a 90 second exercise. Plus Adrienne explains to Jim why Frankenberry cereal is aptly named.

Gadi Kaufman interview, cure back pain

How does your lifestyle contribute to back pain? Is surgery your best option for pinched nerves and other back issues. Just what does your autonomic nervous system have to do with your back pain? You may be surprised to learn that muscle spasms (something most of us think of as a momentary thing) can actually last for years.

Nerve pressure plays a big role in such pain according to Gadi and our lack of understanding of the origin of low back pain contributes to people suffering for years with ineffective treatments.

As Gadi puts it, there’s no point talking to the employees (the muscles) about this problem. We have to talk to the boss which is the nervous system.

To learn more about Gadi and his treatments, click over to his website GadiBody.

Click here to view the anatomy of a muscle spasm

Learn how to relieve back pain using the pain-free approach called Strain Counterstrain Technique in Gadi Kaufman’s book:

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