RIDDLE: What do Ebola, AIDS and Oklahoma City Have in Common?

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For quite some time now, I’ve been fascinated by how Africa and Asia (but mostly Africa) seems to suddenly become recognized as a hotbed for deadly diseases. This clearly wasn’t always the case, but something that gradually became more of an issue in my lifetime.

What do Ebola, AIDS and Oklahoma City Have in Common

A few weeks ago, listening to talk radio in my car, I learned that the deadly Ebola virus (named for the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo — formerly Zaire) first came on the scene in 1976. “Hmmm….”, I thought. “What vaccination program was going on there at that time?”

I began doing some casual research into medical journals and news sites. Most kind of danced around the issue. Meanwhile, a few non-government backed progressive doctors and researchers were confirming my suspicions that Ebola was indeed made in a lab.

Then, I found Dr. Leonard Horowitz. This compilation of a few of his presentations demonstrates how Dr. Horowitz was able to connect the dots between Ebola, AIDS, cancer and horrific world events. It will blow your mind and hopefully put some things into perspective — including the fallacy that polio and other childhood diseases were eradicated by vaccines.

His findings not only match my personal experiences (although mine are on a much smaller level), but those of my friends and colleagues, some of whom have worked with organizations like CDC, NIH and the FDA.


  1. The run time shows almost 3 hours, but it ends in 2.
  2. Don’t allow this video to make you feel helpless about your health. This knowledge will empower you to make wiser decisions.

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