End Picky Eating Forever with Guest Heretic Jennifer Scribner

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What happens when you have a kid and then realize that diet has everything to do with their health and well-being? Improving your diet can be a challenge, but changing the diet of your picky eater can be torture…. until you hear today’s guest. Jennifer Scribner has been working with families affected by autism spectrum disorders. And in case you didn’t know, children on the spectrum (and many adults) are the fussiest eaters around.

Jennifer Scribner, End Picky Eating Forever, Nutrition Heretic

In her new book, From Mac & Cheese to Veggies, Please: How to get your kid to eat new foods, end picky eating forever, and stay sane in the process! she teaches parents how to navigate the turbulent waters of implementing a nutritious diet for children who refuse to eat anything but white flour and sugar. In this episode, she tells us why children get picky in the first place and her 3 top strategies that parents can use to turn that around.

Don’t forget to listen to the second half of this interview when Jennifer is put to the test when Adrienne presents her with real life examples of some of the pickiest eaters she’s known.

Jennifer Scribner is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and Certified GAPS™ Practitioner. Her specialty is helping people learn and follow the GAPS Diet to address autism and complex digestive and autoimmune conditions.   She is one of the first Certified GAPS™ Practitioners trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in September 2011.  Her other passions include her family, Hello Kitty, and plotting how she can move to Hawaii.

If you’re new to the GAPS Diet, grab a copy of her simple explanation in the FREE e-book, The GAPS Diet in a Nutshell, on her website, Body Wisdom Nutrition.  You can also find Jenn on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterestand Instagram.

Great Resources From Jennifer Scribner:

Highlights from today’s picky eating episode:

05:00 ~ How kids become picky eaters to begin with.

12:12 ~ Jenn’s inspiration for writing From Mac & Cheese to Veggies, Please.

13:34 ~ The tools and attitudes that help parents successfully change their children’s diets.

15:34 ~ Useful tips for changing to a healing diet when a child is is in the regular school system; how not to be sabotaged by teachers and other parents.

19:31 ~ How long it takes for children to turn around once they start.

23:58 ~ How to get kids involved and on-board for change.

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