Allergies and Trauma, Muscle Testing, Energy Medicine; Sandi Radomski is Our Guest This Week

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Is Adrienne allergic to her husband?  Is it even possible?  In this episode, Sandi Radomski of Allergy Antidotes talks with Adrienne about the bizarre reactions she’s been having when her husband is in the state.

Sandi Radomski, allergies and trauma

Sandi employs a different approach to allergy treatment which includes energy medicine.  Sandi shares her experience, insight and success stories in helping people to live well with allergies.

Sandi’s definition of allergies differs from the mainstream medical definition.  Her energetic definition of allergies is as “a mistake of the immune system based on a trauma.”

Sandi uses muscle testing to identify what is going on in a person’s body, and how it is misaligned with their mind.  She believes that allergies are learned responses to a trauma and as such, they may also be unlearned.

Sandi trains her clients to give their bodies new experiences so they can be calm in the presence of the substance that is causing the reactions.  This can be achieved through one of three methods:

  • Spinal Release – using acupressure points
  • Laser – Using a laser on reflex point on the ears
  • Ask and Receive – This is now Sandi’s main technique which helps her clients to access a higher state of consciousness to learn a new relationship with their bodies.

Sandi has been successful with helping people overcome their allergies, not only to substances, but also to money.  A metaphorical allergy to money and pushing it away is the topic of her next book, “Let Money In.”

2 thoughts on “Allergies and Trauma, Muscle Testing, Energy Medicine; Sandi Radomski is Our Guest This Week

  1. I got to know of Sandi’s work in EFT training videos many years ago! Could a couple be allergic to getting pregnant? I’m looking for creative ways of helping to alleviate what is something that possibly has its roots in trauma for one couple.

    1. I have heard of EFT working for such cases, but not sure if that’s considered allergy. Of course, I look at these occurrences through the nutritional lens to figure out what might be upsetting the hormonal balance. In my 25+ years in this field, I’ve seen infertility mainly in couples on low-fat, vegetarian and vegan diets with one exception which was an alcoholic. Yeast syndrome plays a role in all of these, so perhaps try chasing the yeast out, if none of the above are the case. Good luck!

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