Don’t Fear Fats! Why You Need Them on This Week’s Q&A

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Lard. Butter. Goose fat. Why is there such a fear of fats, and why isn’t it warranted?  Why are more people turning back to traditional animal fats and turning away from the trendy vegetable oils?

Don't Fear Fats, Why You Need Fat, Nutrition Heretic Podcast

This week Adrienne and Nikola explore the ins and outs of fats and oils.  Why they’re needed for health, as well as how best to use them.  What is the best fat to use when high-heat frying?  These questions and more, answered on this week’s Q & A.

Your Questions Answered about Fats:

  • Is there a fear of fat in Croatia?
  • Are there any good oils that don’t have blood money? asked by Angela
  • What are health benefits of mac nut oil?

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