Fishing in St. Martin

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Over the last year is so, my husband has been getting into fishing. So on this vacation we decided that we were going to do a fishing trip to mix up the experience a little. He went on the web and found a guy named Richard who does fishing excursions on St. Maarten.

Fishing  in St. Martin

We met Richard a few days before Christmas and went out to the Salt Pond to do some fishing for Tarpon. Unfortunately Tarpon is not an eating fish it’s more of a sporting fish. So there’s a whole art to how you catch a tarpon that I wasn’t quite prepared for. But luckily my husband was able to snag a tilapia, which is the type of fish the tarpon eat. So we were able to have the tilapia that night back at the apartment and it was absolutely delicious.

Joe's Tarpon
Joe’s Tarpon

Richard, like me, is also from New York, so we got along really well. Before we parted ways, we decided to meet up again for another fishing excursion. He has two girls ages seven and nine and our daughter is eight so we decided that we would all get together for one night of fishing.

For dinner, we brought some Jamaican rice and peas and Richard brought delicious Snook dish cooked in coconut milk and we sat by his car and tailgated while the girls swam. It was a lot of fun.

Joe's Snook
Joe’s Snook

My husband caught a snook, which is a really delicious fish common to the Caribbean and parts of Florida. It was actually the end of the snook season, but he was able to catch a small one. Just enough for the following night’s dinner.

One word to the wise, if you decide to fish while on vacation, either make sure that the person taking you out provides a service to scale and filet or otherwise prep the fish for cooking for you, or travel with your filleting knife.

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