Guest Heretic Dina Falconi – Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide And Wild Food Cookbook

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I’ve said it before — Americans have a horrible relationship with food. But our Guest Heretic Dina Falconi doesn’t. Join us for a sensuous walk where we’ll forage for delicious wild edibles, liberate ourselves from a broken food system, and nourish our souls using her gorgeous book Foraging & Feasting: a Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook.

Dina Falconi, Forging and Feasting interview

Dina Falconi invites you to identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; harvest & cook them into delicious food with her recipes. To see what’s on  Dina’s menu, follow her through her website, Botanical Art Press, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Highlights from today’s episode:

05:04 ~ Dina’s first experience with foraging

10:00 ~ Surprising foods that may be growing near you

12:25 ~ Two herbs that are surprisingly available and safe to pick

17:51 ~ How NOT to poison yourself

26:30 ~ Foraging: being cheap vs. food sovereignty

28:35 ~ The importance of regenerative harvesting

34:25 ~ What to know about foraging on public lands

50: 47 ~ How to use the recipes and develop your own

56:47 ~ Tips on getting started with foraging

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