Stacey Shepard: Chinese Medical Theory and GAPS Protocol Part II

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This week we continue talking with Stacey Shepard.  We discuss more of Stacey’s experience using herbs and Chinese medical theory in boosting results with the GAPS protocol.  We also find out how obsessing about the diet after you’ve healed may actually harm you and we find out about Stacey’s guilty pleasure.

Stacey Shepard Interview, Autism and the GAPS Protocol

If you missed last week’s episode, you will want to hear Stacey discuss some causes contributing to poor gut health and how it relates to autism, ADD, and behavioral disorders.

Stacey Shepard is a licensed practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine.  She specializes in chronic and recalcitrant diseases, and she relies heavily upon Chinese herbs and dietary therapy throughout the healing process.  Stacey is also a Certified GAPS Practitioner, and she is continually amazed by the incredible healing powers of whole foods and natural medicine.  You can find her at Whooping Crane Integrative Medicine if you would like to discuss how GAPS can work for you.

Highlights from today’s episode:

2:19 ~ How Stacey’s background in Traditional Chinese Medicine helps with using the GAPS protocol

14:47 ~ What happens if you screw the diet up?

22:20 ~ Stacey’s experience as a healer in Kenya

35:18~ “The right choices for your body are going to be the right choices for the environment”

35:40 ~ Questions from our listeners

39:59 ~ How to get help from Stacey

The right choices for your body

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2 thoughts on “Stacey Shepard: Chinese Medical Theory and GAPS Protocol Part II

  1. Hello
    I loved this episode, I’m not sure when it aired. Do you have current contact info for Stacey Shepard? None of the links seem to work.
    Any direction you can give would be truly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hello Bridget, we’re glad you enjoy the podcast – be sure to catch the first half of the interview, too.
      Unfortunately, we don’t have any updated information on Stacey.

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