Guest Heretic, Razi Berry Talks About Her Heart Revolution Summit

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Razi Berry is our guest heretic this week as she talks about her journey through recovering from anorexia and bulimia in her teens, to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in her 20s, and how a stressful job led to infertility.  Follow her story to discover how it led to her discovery that naturopathic medicine accepts the mind body connection, and how the Heart Revolution Summit encompasses this.

Heart Revolution Summit with Razi Berry on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast

Heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined, and Razi is taking the lead in bringing the latest research to you.  Listen in to find out how.

Razi Ann Berry is the founder of NaturalPath ( and publisher of the award-winning journal Naturopathic Doctor News & Review Razi recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia with naturopathic medicine and overcame infertility naturally. This healing journey was the catalyst for her decade‚Äôs long work empowering millions of people and practitioners to embrace the philosophies of naturopathy. She is also the host of and The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit. Razi lives in Scottsdale, AZ  where she homeschool her two daughters.  You can also follow her on Facebook.

Questions For Razi and The Heart Summit Revolution:

  • How did Razi get into the health area, and heart disease in particular?
  • Is loss a contributor to heart attacks?
  • What are 3 surprising connections to heart disease?
  • What can people explore as potential help for existing heart disease?

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