Guest Heretic Cilla Whatcott – There is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis

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Most people have already made up their minds about vaccines. Some change their minds only after the unthinkable happens — autism, cancer or the loss of a child within a few hours of administration. No matter what your stance, Guest Heretic Cilla Whatcott has a viable option available that most people have never heard about: homeoprophylaxis.

Cilla Whatcott, Homeoprophylaxis Interview

In today’s episode, you’ll learn what homeoprophylaxis is, the real story behind polio outbreaks of the early 1900s and why the US now has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world despite requiring 7 times more vaccines than any other industrialized nation.

For more information about Cilla’s one-day seminar, “Immunity Through the Ages” in Portland, OR on Friday, May 5th, click over to World Wide Choice.

Cilla Whatcott is a board-certified classical homeopath with a B.A. degree from Arizona State University, a diploma from the four year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN and a PhD in Homeopathy.  She is an instructor at Normandale Community College.  Cilla is currently the director of Worldwide Choice – an organization familiarizing medically licensed providers with homeoprophylaxis and undertaking evidence-based research.  She offers individualized homeoprophylaxis programs for adults and children.  You can follow Cilla through her website, Family Homeopathy Care.

Highlights from today’s episode on Homeoprophylaxis:

7:09 ~ The personal experience that drove Cilla to investigate the truth behind vaccines.

10:28 ~ The difference between homeopathics and homeoprophylaxis.

15:25 ~ What do homeophrophylaxis and vaccine attenuation theories have in common?

16:06 ~ How disease is acquired and why it matters.

18:28~ What are Th1 and Th2 and why do they matter?

26:18 ~ Cilla’s opinion of why autism occurs in the second year of life or earlier.

36:25 ~ Cervical cancer, the HPV vaccine and Dr. Dianne Harper who helped consult with Merk in the development of Gardasil and then later broke rank.

39:00 ~ Don’t mess with Mother Nature.

44:30 ~ Double-blind studies?  Think again?

47:18 ~ Who accepts responsibility for your child?

49:30 ~ The history of homeoprophylaxis is more successful than non-vaccine outcomes.

50:50 ~ The secret “Cure Bill” and why it’s so scary for parents.

55:21 ~ Cilla’s upcoming events, new adult products, and plans.

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