How much water should you be drinking?

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Nowadays, there appear to be many misunderstandings about how much drinking water is most beneficial to your health. Several professionals state that you ought to consume eight eyeglasses per day. Others sustain that you ought to consume a minimum of 1/2 oz of water for each pound of body weight. However where do these types of suggestions originate from?

How much water should you be drinking

Doctor. F. Batmanghelidj was imprisoned as a political prisoner in Iran during the eighties. With little sources and medicines to deal with inmates, he simply turned to water to help a fellow prisoner with a peptic ulcer. Within eight minutes the man was “cured”. Soon, he began instructing other inmates with health issues to drink water for their illnesses. Once he was released from prison some two plus years later, he wrote several papers and books detailing his experiences and experiments.

While I don’t really suggest people drink water with abandon, Dr. B had a good point: You should always try the least invasive method of treatment prior to taking on medication.

Sadly, consuming a lot of basic drinking water daily frequently harms many people. Actually, many people every year end up in comas due to consumption of excessive amounts of water. How is this possible?

To put it simply, drinking lots of water regularly is a key stressor to the body’s kidneys. The kidneys’  main function is to act as the filtering system of the body by maintaining electrolyte balance, mainly sodium as well as blood potassium. Drinking water that is devoid of or low in minerals flushes much needed sodium from the body resulting in systemic shock leading to coma.

Ironically, this kind of outcome appears to affect health fanatics who eat mostly grains, fruits and vegetables. These foods are already lower in sodium and higher in water. Lean meats tend to be slightly higher in salt comparatively, but they also contain lots of water. Thus incorporating even more drinking water is likely to upset the body’s balance.

However, for those who consume commercial and processed foods which are packed with pure sodium, drinking 8 or maybe more glasses of water daily is probably warranted.

Drinking water

What is often overlooked is how DRYING water is. Yes, I know you are told that it is a moisturizer, but that is 100% false. Think about it, when you wash your hands, the first thing you need to do afterwards is dry the water before it dries you. The moisture you want will come from fats and oils in your diet, not water. Water will age you like nobody’s business when consumed in large amounts. It is best to consume smaller amounts sipped throughout the day. That way they “mist” your body instead of drying it out which would lead to premature aging in the form of wrinkles and sagging.

It really is intriguing to note that in many parts of Asia, specifically in China, consuming simple water isn’t just not common, it really is considered a bad health move. These cultures view drinking plain water within extremely mineralized varieties such as abundant bone tissue broths as well as green tea. Seeing that these types of civilizations have far better health outcomes than our own and remain more youthful looking throughout their lives, it would be wise to use their centuries old experience as a guide instead of new fangled recommendations that have inconsistent outcomes.

Now how much water should you beverage a day? If you are consuming any junk foods, then you definitely want to raise your pure intake of water accordingly, however if health is at all a  concern, then you need to replace as many of these foods or drinks as possible with water in the form of broths and teas. If you are already eating mainly real food, then you will probably be fine drinking only when you are thirsty and whenever possible, obtain it broths or even green tea.

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