How to Correct Your Eyesight Naturally

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When I was about 10 years old, I needed glasses. It wasn’t a traumatic experience, but sitting in a classroom that was basically underground for several hours per day took its toll on me and I became farsighted.

How to Correct Your Eyesight Naturally

Luckily my dad’s jewelry store was only about 5 blocks from the NY Optometry School where they had classes to retrain your eyes to focus. So once per week, I went to “eye school”, where they taught me a variety of techniques to strengthen my eye muscles.

In less than a year, my eyes were better!

I’m not just talking about marginally better. I mean I no longer needed glasses at all!

Until I turned 22 and took a job working in an office on the 3rd floor in NYC right across the street from Grand Central Station. Long hours under fluorescent light once again strained my eyes. Within a few months, I found myself back at the eye center.

Because of my own personal laziness and poor diet (the one the ADA recommends for EVERYTHING), my eyes never completely recovered. But because I didn’t allow myself to rely on my glasses for everything, my eyes never got any worse!

In fact, at one point, I went to an eye doctor in NJ to get fitted for contact lenses for some acting work I was doing only to be berated for not wearing my glasses. This guy knew nothing about eye exercises and was furious with me. But you know what?

He found that my eyes actually improved!

Douchebag! Anyhow, here is one of the basic techniques that I used at the eye school. One that I continue to use every now and again as an alternative to squinting. It’s pretty cool and may help you too.

Since I’ve been living in Hawaii, my eyesight has continually gotten better. I think that a lot of it is the natural sunlight I see almost every day plus my diet that is still pretty high in nourishing fats and vitamins crucial to eye health.

Does this eye trick work well for you? Let me know your experience below!

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