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Most people who have watched the Law of Attraction movie, The Secret, walk away with one of two reactions: skepticism or complete enthusiasm. Skeptics might say something like, “That’s not true! I lost my job last year and had to move out of my house. I didn’t make that happen!” On the other hand, many enthusiasts will begin a wishful thinking campaign and talk about their utopian visions of the world. These people may also end up frustrated because they too will fail to experience dramatic positive change in their lives.

Jedi Pregnancy Wisdom

At face value, these two groups might seem very different. But when you understand the Law of Attraction, you will see that their mindset is indeed quite similar. In both cases, they expect the outer world to create their inner world, when in fact the opposite is true.

Making the Law of Attraction work depends on action. For the skeptic, she cannot sit in her living room staring at four walls and wish for a new job to fall into her lap. She must search for a new job or take the loss of employment as an opportunity to create the job she has always dreamed of. For the enthusiast, the same is true. She cannot simply talk about the world being a better place without actively working towards that goal. As the lottery slogan says, “You have to be in it to win it”.

In short, the universe lines up behind doers. And if you really want the universe to work with you, the best place to begin is with yourself. In the years before I met Joe, I gave little thought to the impact of my actions. My life was motivated by fear and other destructive emotions. I worked 10-12 hour days, hung out late every night, and always tried to please others while my health and healthy relationships took a backseat.

But after my intestinal surgery, I experienced a dramatic shift. I came home from the hospital and ended a very dysfunctional four-year relationship. Over the next several months, I took time to enjoy my time alone. I practiced flamenco and belly dance, read for pleasure, prepared more meals at home, took long baths with candles burning and opera blasting throughout my apartment, and had friends visit on weekends. The first thing I noticed was that my bank account grew, even though I was enjoying my money more! And within a few months, I met Joe. Our connection was so perfectly synchronistic that we both knew we would be together for a long, long time. After my battle with failing health, I was blessed with a beautiful and robust little girl who has none of my previous health challenges.

So if you want the Law of Attraction to work in your life, begin to take action. I promise you, the universe will reveal an amazing plan before you. If you want a new job, find out what you want to do and start working toward it. If you want a healthy relationship, start caring for yourself first. And if you want a baby who is free of the burdens of asthma, allergies and autism spectrum disorders, start preparing your body now.

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