From Mac & Cheese To Veggies, Please With Guest Heretic, Jennifer Scribner

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Welcome back to the second half of our interview with Jennifer Scribner, author of From Mac & Cheese to Veggies, Please: How to get your kid to eat new foods, end picky eating forever, and stay sane in the process! In the first half, we discussed Jennifer’s own challenges as a picky adult and her top 3 strategies for getting kids eating.

From Mac & Cheese To Veggies, Please, Jennifer Scribner

In today’s episode, I put her on the spot on how to use those strategies to get real food into some of the pickiest eaters I’ve known; including a boy who defiantly tried to starve himself instead of eating dinner, and another whose diet is little more than white bread, Cheerios, peanut butter and white rice with nothing on it.

If you missed the first half of this interview, you can catch it here.

Jennifer Scribner is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and Certified GAPS™ Practitioner. Her specialty is helping people learn and follow the GAPS Diet to address autism and complex digestive and autoimmune conditions.   She is one of the first Certified GAPS™ Practitioners trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in September 2011.  Her other passions include her family, Hello Kitty, and plotting how she can move to Hawai’i.

If you’re new to the GAPS Diet, grab a copy of her simple explanation in the FREE e-book, The GAPS Diet in a Nutshell, on her website, Body Wisdom Nutrition.  You can also find Jenn on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterestand Instagram.

Great Resources From Jennifer Scribner:

Highlights from today’s veggies please episode:

02:33 ~ What an extreme reaction to the diet could mean.

06:43 ~ Is it okay to ‘sneak’ healthy foods into a meal?

09:52 ~ Top tips for a child who eats nothing.

19:22 ~ Jenn’s toughest case success story.

24:08 ~ Maintaining a nutritious lifestyle.

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