Don’t Push that Button!  Guest Heretic Christina Heike, New Decision Therapy Practitioner; Holistic Health Coach; Yoga & Meditation Expert; Special Ed, Physical Education and Psychology Teacher

Psychosurgery focuses on a specific blockage and releases it consciously.  Recently Adrienne talked with Sandi Radomski of Allergy Antidotes about Ask & Receive and this episode about New Decision Therapy with Christina Heike follows on nicely.

Christina Heike, New Decision Therapy

Guest Heretic Christina Heike is a practitioner of New Decision Therapy, a holistic health and life coach, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, certified naturopath, and has her MS in the Science of Sport, as well as Educational Psychology (special education), and is a certified Avurveda practitioner.

Adrienne and Christina talk about the book, Your Body Remembers by Kandis Blakely, founder of New Decision Therapy.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • How NDT is different from other energy psychology techniques like EFT?
  • How NDT believes the body records trauma.
  • Find out about what Kandis Blakely refers to as the death wish?
  • The steps involved with NDT.
  • Learn about kantillation.

For more information about Christina or to enroll in a session, visit her website, Veda Academy Healing Arts, and follow her on Facebook.

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