The Real Reason People Go “Crazy”; Nourishing the Whole Self with Deborah Pell Yaffee

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If “science” doesn’t know about a cure, does it really exist? In this episode, we learn how science is finally starting to catch up with the “quackery” of vitamins in fighting mental disorders and diseases.

Deborah Pell Yaffee interview, nourishing the whole self

Deborah Pell Yaffee has been a new age thinker longer than most of us have even been thinking about holistic health. Oddly enough, when people say, “it’s all in your head”, they are at least half right. Deborah helps us understand how we can get back to a healthier relationship with food and our bodies.

Deborah has a refreshing view on food, health and nutrition and how to make it all more “wholistic”!

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Deborah Yaffee, CH, CN is a Nutritionist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists.  She integrates nutrition, hypnosis, energy psychology, Reiki, prayer and meditation into her consulting practice.  She is an experienced nutritional cleanse coach and enjoys serving clients worldwide via telephone sessions and email support.  Deborah is also a Senior Trainer with the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

You can contact her at her website: Labyrinth Life.

In this episode Adrienne and Deborah mentioned a couple of books about metabolism, if you’re interested in finding out more, the links are below. And if you like belly dancing and want to dance to some of Adrienne’s loved tunes, you’ll enjoy the Best of George Abdo.

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