Nutrition and the Criminal Mind

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This is going to be a particularly politically incorrect post. If you are really prone to feeling offended, then I suggest you don’t read it. Why? Because you are likely to know someone who looks like one of these guys and may feel that I am suggesting something about your friend or loved one.

Nutrition and the Criminal Mind

Most of you have probably heard people talk about someone “looking like a criminal”. Dr. Weston Price pointed out the physical attributes of criminals with quite a bit of detail: sunken eyes with dark circles, ears that don’t lie flat to the head, narrow jaw line, rampant dental decay, and a host of other deformities. He also noticed that in healthy societies that maintained their natural diet, these physical attributes and crime were mostly non-existent. Many did not even have any kind of jail system set up because there was no crime.

Sadly, so many of these features have become so commonplace today that we don’t even notice them anymore. They are accepted as “hereditary”. Yet we all know that violent crime is rampant.

What most people don’t want to accept is that we DO have the power to prevent many of these deformities. It all begins with healthy parents who eat a diet that is in line with nature. This is not to say that every child with ears that stick out will end up in prison. However, I do think we can minimize criminal tendencies by giving children the best start possible.

Take a look at some criminals of old. These images really highlight what Price was talking about. Given all of the school shootings we are seeing these days and the state of the American diet, it is reasonable to draw the conclusion that these crimes are being driven largely by starving the brain, which is easily noted by the physical attributes of the perpetrators. As each new case appears, I am keen to study the physical features of these kids who kill.

Our best defense against criminal behavior does start in utero, so if you’re thinking of getting pregnant, then check out this article on how to have a healthy pregnancy. If you haven’t started your kids off on a nourishing diet that keeps the brain healthy and satisfied, anything you can do now following that article, will help.

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