Obesity More Out of Control than EVER!

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In several posts over the years, I have talked about how what we focus on expands. Well, today, we learned that America’s fight against obesity has resulted in just that.

Obesity more out of control than ever

Adult obesity rates increased in six U.S. states and fell in none last year, and in more states than ever — 20 — at least 30 percent of adults are obese, according to an analysis released on Thursday.

By focusing on the broken, half-true theory of calories in, calories out, many people have resorted to eating things that boast “low” or “zero” calories in an attempt to have their cake and eat it too. These items are loaded with chemicals, industrial manipulation of their cells and indigestible fibers that wreak havoc on our systems causing everything from acid reflux to the mysterious Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD).

In addition to these chemicalized anti-Foods, we’re also experiencing an almost daily call to increase the diet in one or more “miracle” foods that are supposed to cure the world of all ills. While some of these Foods work well in the short term for a few, over the course of six months or more, the body becomes imbalanced again resulting in weight, mood, joint and other inexplicable disorders.


In the quote above, you’ll notice that obesity didn’t fall AT ALL in any states. That means that what we are currently doing to fight obesity isn’t even helping one small percentage of people to reduce even a little. This means that the problem is only getting worse across the board. The article also goes on to say:

The new numbers suggest the problem may be worsening despite widespread publicity about the nation’s obesity epidemic. From 2011 to 2012, by comparison, the rate of obesity increased in only one state.

The 2013 adult obesity rate exceeds 20 percent in every state, while 42 have rates above 25 percent. For the first time two states, Mississippi and West Virginia, rose above 35 percent. Adult obesity rates increased last year in Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, New Jersey, Tennessee and Wyoming.

Yes, in the last year it has gotten completely out of control. Clearly, we’ve been focusing our energies in the wrong place. And for every diet pill and low cal, low fat craze, there’s another person shouting “fruits and vegetables” to anyone who will listen.

If we want to turn this obesity (and disease) crisis around, then we need to back up and identify the point in time when things went wrong then choose the path that is in harmony with our ancestors’ wisdom. Our ancestors at a wide variety of foods that were mostly local and seasonal. They ate meat, dairy, and a wide variety of vegetation including grains, when they were available. Although there was an acknowledgement of certain foods benefiting certain conditions, there were no miracle pills, surgeries and hacks for better health. We have to wise up before it’s too late.

Source: NBC News: Obesity Rates Reach Historic Highs in More States

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