Healthy Dairy, Healthier Planet; The Many Benefits of 100% Pastured Dairy Phyllis van Amburgh

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Are dairy cows destroying the planet? Should milk cartons carry a skull and cross-bones on them? Our healthy ancestors would’ve laughed at our modern theories about dairy. Today’s guest heretic is Phyllis van Amburgh of Dharma Lea Farm in New York State. As a member of the Savory Global Network of farms, she knows that raising cows 100% on grass is not only possible, but can benefit the earth and us by regenerating grasslands and producing milk that is far superior to the crap on supermarket shelves.

Phyllis van Amburgh, Pastured Dairy Interview

In this episode, you’ll also learn the differences between A1 and A2 milk and which one is least likely to elicit an allergic reaction, how to plan your grass farming routine around the seasons and the new genetically engineered grass that is threatening dairy farms.

 Highlights from today’s episode:

10:09 ~ 4 Ways Dharma Lea Farm is different from what people usually think of as a dairy farm.

21:30 ~ What makes grass-fed cows produce better quality milk?

31:05 ~ The real reason cows are brought into the barn at night – it’s not what you think!

34:20 ~ Do you know the difference between A1 and A2 milk, and what it could mean for you?

39:49 ~ Why will the Savory Network’s holistic management system allow us as a species to keep growing?

44:48 ~ What are the similarities between Korean Natural Farming and the Savory Institute model?

47:16 ~ Can antibiotics affect organic certification?

56:00 ~ What “pasture raised” really means.

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