Protein Myths Revealed on the Weekly Q&A

Over the weekend there were some disturbing news articles that were published and these are discussed.  There are lots of myths about proteins, and what constitutes a complete protein: the building blocks of protein are revealed, as well as how to bring them into your diet.

What is a complete protein and how to get it into your diet, Nutrition Heretic Podcast

Uncover why the body needs fat.  Also discussed is respect for the animals you consume and indigenous cultures that consider plants to be our ancestors.  Also the historical connection between tooth decay and when humanity began to move towards settlements and farming.

Your Questions Answered about Proteins:

  • What is a bad source of protein?
  • Do you need grains to survive?
  • Johnny’s daughter is allergic to shellfish, chicken, some grasses, and such. She needs to get on probiotics, what else is good for her?
  • What are Adrienne’s thoughts on protein supplements?
  • Vivian asks: “My 60 year-old friend is having oral surgery tomorrow. What type of protein should he take while he recovers as he won’t be able to chew.

  • What about raw eggs?

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What is the Weekly Q&A?

Each week between podcast seasons Adrienne hosts a FB Live event to answer your questions.

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