Pure Indian Foods

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For 120 years, the Agarwal family has been producing ghee in northern India. Today, thanks to Sandeep, the great-great grandson of the original company’s founder, the ghee-making tradition continues here in America.

Pure Indian Foods

Sandeep’s company, Pure Indian Foods, sources grass-fed butter from small family farms in Eastern Pennsylvania. Using the traditional methods passed down for five generations, the resulting product lives up to the nickname ‘liquid gold’. This ghee is far superior even to Indian brands of ghee. In India, these days, manufacturers cut corners by adding harmful, rancid vegetable oils to their final product.

Unlike other brands of ghee available in the west, the texture of Pure Indian Foods’ ghee is smooth and velvety. The flavor is rich, nutty and soothing. It is so good, you may find yourself eating it straight from the jar – no sauté pan or slice of bread in sight!

This ghee is not a mere cooking oil, it is an experience. This nutritious food will not disappoint!

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  1. this is very enticing. I looked up their site. I am so impressed, it’s beautiful! Hoping I can order.Thank you for directing us to this source.

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