Real Anthony Fauci Book Review

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Let me start by saying that I hate the title of this book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy. It sounds unimaginative and, honestly, childish. Similar to what I might expect from many detractors of honest science (i.e. the ignorantly compliant), I expected a book filled with personal attacks written by someone with an axe to grind.

Real Anthony Fauci Book Review

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That said, it is clear that as an attorney from a family considered to be American royalty and who knows the repercussions of voicing any dissent, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy would have to be well-documented. It not only delivers irrefutable evidence that Fauci has botched the SARS Cov2 response, it shows that it has been done by design, not by accident.

This book relies on over 2000 references, including past and current peer-reviewed studies as well as books, internal memos and other official documents written over the past 40 years regarding the disconnect between the post of public health official and Fauci’s self-serving unscientific choices at the expense of public health. If you believe in science — and I know you do, then you cannot let this book pass you by.

The Real Anthony Fauci book cover

With my busy schedule, I had to listen to the audiobook to get through it while I work on my farm every afternoon. I wholeheartedly don’t recommend it to anyone whose ears are offended by a monotone reading. I honestly thought it was A.I. until I heard his lisp. It’s a hard listen, so choose the ebook or physical copy unless you know it will sit on a shelf for a long time before getting to it.

Here are some of my main takeaways from each Real Anthony Fauci book chapter:

Chapter 1: Two guys who NEVER see patients decide to run a pandemic by stockpiling all safe remedies, making them illegal to obtain.

Chapter 2: The Man Who Cancelled Science Because He Doesn’t Understand It

Chapter 4: Where did all the funding go?

Chapter 5: You get AIDS. You get AIDS. You all get AIDS!

Chapter 6: Mo’ Money! Mo’ Money! Mo’ Money! Mo’ Money! Information Laundering and the HIV Gold Rush

Chapter 7: Brown Baby & Animal Experiments At Home and Abroad

Chapter 8: The Rise of Medical Colonialism

Chapter 9: Billy and Tony Sitting in a Tree, Fcking You and Fcking Me

Chapter 10: The 2017 Fallout of Mass Vaccination: Covering Up the African Genocide

Chapter 11: An Invisible Enemy Is the Perfect Ally

Chapter 12: Punk’d Since 1984: Fauci, the CIA and militarization of public health policy

The book appropriately ends with a long quote from Holocaust survivor and medical ethics advocate Vera Sharav. She wants to know why the military and CIA — spies and generals primarily trained to kill — are so heavily involved in what is supposed to be a public health problem; why taxpayers are not allowed to know the ingredients of mandated experiments they paid for; and what justification there could be for requiring that 100% of a population must be injected with said experiment when COVID-19 harms fewer than 1%?

These are all valid questions. And questions that the 80-year old health official who has solely been focused on radically dangerous medical interventions (as outlined in the book) should answer instead of vilifying doctors trying to help.

Let’s face it. If we learned anything from the Trump years, it’s that those who resort to name-calling and bullying as a first line of defense are covering up something.

By the time you are done with The Real Anthony Fauci, you’ll realize that the rolling lockdowns and moving target of what constitutes “fully vaccinated” demands a health czar, who can gracefully pull the country — and the world — out of this manmade mess and who does not stand to profit from it.

The Real Anthony Fauci book can be purchased on Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Real Anthony Fauci Book Review

    1. Thanks for the kind words! How he ever got and has remained there well past retirement age is baffling by any standard. Clearly since day one anyone who knows anything about science could see that he is wholly unqualified to hold that position. I should post Kary Mullis’s interview from the 80s or so saying the same. Mullis was the PCR test inventor and Nobel Prize winner who sadly died in August of 2019. That guy was a gem of a person! Fiercely intelligent, yet humble.

  1. I like your article. I am reading this book. It’s pretty big. What I like is all the references after each chapter. They have done their research. I’m appalled that Fauci and his crew are getting away with this.

    1. I agree! I’m horrified that the entire health system is in the hands of one person. There must be a way of turning that office into a body of at least a dozen incorruptible members. Not sure how that would be possible, but something must be fundamentally changed with that department. It’s pretty telling though that CDC was on the verge of shutting down before Fauci due to lack of enough disease. He saw to it that everything has hit epidemic proportions since he took over.

  2. A fair review but what is missing is the fact that virtually all of these players are Democrats, Big Media Democrat propagandists, Globalists, especially Tech Tyrants. Trump wrote nasty tweets but these Globalists and Democrats are literally a death cult – unlimited abortion, culling the herd with deadly vaccines, and preventing life saving medicines from reaching the public – so they can make billions from the tyrannically mandated vaccines. Trump’s biggest mistake was not firing Fauci and that Benedict Arnold Milley. He should have fired Fauci the day he stopped the funding of the Chinese puppet Tedros’ WHO.

    1. I feel you, Bill! The Dems have screwed the entire world, but it would be a mistake to think Trump was ever on the right side of history. For one, he, in his zealous attempt to undo everything Obama achieved, re-instated the gain-of-function research that the Obama administration halted due to its dangerous implications. Furthermore, when he stopped funding the WHO, it allowed Gates to step in and provide ALL of the funding to WHO thereby making them 100% captive to his messaging and instructions. Even worse, Ivanka was bragging in a tweet back in August 2020 that Trump had already invested in Moderna back in January of that year. Both Republicans and Democrats have played their parts over the years to make the past two years (and beyond) happen. Remember that Reagan is the one who gave us Fauci and Rumsfeld (pharma exec turned head of Defense — a scary fact I have known for years that now makes sense), then proceeded to usher in plastics (e.g. liquid vegetable oils), GMO and other non-food items (e.g. aspartame) into our food systems as well as direct-to-consumer advertising for pharma and skyrocketing profits with less and less liability for those companies. If Reagan had never taken office, chances are that CDC would’ve collapsed because there wasn’t enough disease to sustain it. Instead, he laid out the red carpet for those who would profit from the suffering of the rest of us and the Dems played right into it by attempting to align with what they mistakenly believe to be science.

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