Guest Heretic Nikola Popović Returns To His Rural Roots, Part I

This week on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast we find out what happens to your mental and physical health when you work for me. Our Audio Engineer, Nikola Popović, shares with us how listening to episodes while editing the podcast encouraged him to return to the diet of his youth growing up in rural Croatia and how his health improved dramatically as a result.

Returning to his rural roots with Nikola Popovic

Listen to the second half when Nikola continues our talk about how his new dietary approach has healed him from mood disorders, reversed tooth decay and his one year anniversary of having no cold or flu.

Nikola Popović is a freelance audio and video engineer, as well as a voice over artist, and his work includes The Nutrition Heretic podcast.  When he’s not mixing tracks, he’s enjoying life, solving its mysteries, and spending quality time with his family.

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • 04:56 ~ What a Croatian rural diet was like in the ’80s.
  • 07:36 ~ Why do you think you let go of that way of eating?
  • 18:27 ~ Nikola’s turning point and finding his way back to real food.
  • 13:22 ~ How social anxiety can affect your physical health.
  • 26:00 ~ The biggest influence on Nikola’s current health.
  • 34:55 ~ How Nikola now sources his food.

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