Evan Brand: Using Sleep and Nutrition To Heal Your Body

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Do you have trouble sleeping?  Today’s guest heretic, Evan Brand, can help you with that; not because he’s boring, but because Evan is a functional medicine practitioner with a focus on sleep. In this episode you will learn more about his work, the reasons most people aren’t getting enough sleep, the impact of daylight savings time on our health, as well as what to look for in a functional medicine doctor versus other types of practitioners.

Evan Brand, sleep and nutrition

Evan Brand is a Podcast Host, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist. He is passionate about healing chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues. He uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the root cause of a wide range of health symptoms. His Evan Brand Podcast has over 7 million downloads and counting. He is the author of Stress Solutions, REM Rehab, and The Everything Guide to Nootropics. He offers free 15-minute functional medicine phone consultations to discuss your health symptoms and goals at his site EvanBrand.com.  You can also connect with Evan on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube, and iTunes.

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Highlights from today’s sleep episode:

03:29 ~ How Daylight Savings Time is the cause of increased accidents, anxiety and other chronic illnesses.

11:01 ~ Reasons people aren’t getting enough sleep.

14:28 ~ Should you concentrate only on improving sleep alone or at the same time as additional issues.

17:59 ~ The impact of diet and social media.

31:29 ~ Going beyond diet and sleep, some of the things that a functional medicine practitioner looks for.

37:43 ~ The difference between naturopathic, functional, and conventional practitioners.

41:00 ~ What to look for in a functional doctor.

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Evan Brand, using sleep and nutrition to heal your body, Nutrition Heretic podcast

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