Guest Heretic Tom Nowak, CFP, Author of Low Fee Socially Responsible Investing

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Talk about retirement investments makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but that conversation gets even more uncomfortable when you realize that your 401K has companies like Bayer and Monsanto rotating in and out of your portfolio. How do you plan for your future while still staying true to your principles?

Low Fee Socially Responsible Investing, Tom Nowak Interview

Today’s guest heretic Tom Nowak, author of Low Fee Socially Responsible Investing, is going to give us very specific information about investing on your terms. He’s going to tell us how to find companies that support our world view and do it even on a modest budget.

Tom is an hourly, fee only, financial planner with a specialty in sustainable investing. He can be found through his websites, Quantum Financial Planning and Low Fee Socially Responsible Investing.

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • 05:05 ~ A scientist’s perspective on what socially responsible investing means
  • 08:08 ~ Where to find low fee hourly only financial advisors
  • 13:05 ~ With differing models of investing, this is the best option for the “average person”
  • 17:07 ~ Should anyone expect similar returns on socially responsible investments as conventional ones?
  • 22:19 ~ Defining passive vs, active funds
  • 25:02 ~ Using a car analogy to explain fee scales
  • 34:48 ~ Start-ups or seasoned companies: which is better for investments
  • 41:57 ~ What are some misconceptions about the fees correlating to services and performance?
  • 48:13 ~ Fiduciaries are key

Resources From This Episode:

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