New Year’s Resolution for Healthier Kids

New Year's Resolution for Healthier Kids, Nutrition Heretic

So many parents are looking for easier ways to feed their kids. Time, budget and convenience are HUGE excuses used for feeding their children snacks and quasi-meals loaded with artificial ingredients, sugars (yes, even juices) and other items missing vital nutrients. My friend, Valérie Delahaye…

The McDonald’s Diet Unlikely, but Possible!

The McDonald's Diet Unlikely, but Possible!

Today, a young friend of mine mentioned in a group that he lost 10 lbs in 30 days by eating all 3 of his daily meals at McDonald’s. The first thing to cross peoples’ minds is that he: Was lying Lost muscle However before any objections could surface, he quipped this…

Bacon Lovers Rejoice!

Bacon Lovers Rejoice!

Recently, I saw a reporter ask the question, “Can you eat bacon and still be healthy?” If you’ve read anything I’ve been writing over the past 3 years, you’ll realize that my answer is a resounding YES! As a certified …

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