The McDonald’s Diet Unlikely, but Possible!

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Today, a young friend of mine mentioned in a group that he lost 10 lbs in 30 days by eating all 3 of his daily meals at McDonald’s. The first thing to cross peoples’ minds is that he:

  1. Was lying
  2. Lost muscle
The McDonald's Diet Unlikely, but Possible!

However before any objections could surface, he quipped this even his mom didn’t believe it was possible and that he actually gained muscle.

So I went to my Nutrition Heretic’s Inner Circle Facebook Group and asked my members what they thought. The answers ranged from “Brilliant marketing tactic” to “Bullshit!”

So is it possible to lose weight on a diet of ONLY McDonald’s the scapegoat for all modern health problems?

Why, yes! It IS! Many people think that just because they avoid McDonald’s that they are eating “healthy”, but nothing can be further from the truth! With frozen dinners, boxed Mac n’ Cheese, textured vegetable protein, diners, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, weight loss meal plans and a million other assaults on the body, McDonald’s almost appears to be the least of our problems!

The point here is not to exonerate McDonald’s for serving crappy food, but to pull back the veil on the illusion that avoiding McDonald’s is an improvement if NOTHING ELSE IS CHANGED. Someone who eats all these other anti-Foods on a daily basis could feasibly see weight loss and even muscle gain on an all-McDonald’s diet, especially if portion control is practiced.

But don’t count on it lasting. Once the body gets used to only eating McDonald’s the addiction begins and so will overeating as the body cries out to be properly nourished. One Heretic in the group nailed it by saying, “He may have lost some weight but he probably will lose some years off his life too!” No matter how you cut it, McDonald’s is no healthier than any other processed garbage that people load up on. And many other processed anti-Foods are just as bad, if not worse.

This is similar to eliminating cancer on a macrobiotic diet.

While going from an all processed diet to macrobiotic, which contains many fermented foods, is certainly a step in the right direction, the macrobiotic diet is extremely deficient in building nutrients and amino acids. As a result, following this diet long term often leads to falling hair, brittle nails, ashy skin, smoking (to mimic lacking aminos), mental breakdowns and, sadly, cancer!

The bottom line is that weight loss diets are all relative. You can lose weight eating just about anything, if compared to your normal diet it is controlled either by caloric intake, macronutrient intake (such as carbs) or exercise level (depending on your current state of readiness for exercise). That’s why the diet companies have America and increasingly the world by the balls!

What about you? Have you lost weight doing something that defied logic? Let me know below!

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