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The Nutrition Heretic smashes the sacred cows of cult-like diets by helping people to improve their relationship with food so they can identify the cravings that sabotage their health.

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Anyone can make plain old boring chicken, but these chicken recipes have balls! Learn the history, lore, and culinary traditions that turn tough cock meat into a taste sensation that explodes in your mouth!


Called the “new way to look at food” and the “book that every woman in America needs to read”, Frenching Your Food is more than a diet book, it’s a powerful process to building a healthy relationship with food.


Wet your lips and dive in to this sensual take on the world’s healthiest sweetener. Get the book that will drive you wild with passion for healthy eating while learning how to heal your body and save the bees.

My big change started when I made a first step to change my diet after I got the information from you…

That was the trigger point for me, so personally I started with consuming more real foods and avoiding the processed foods

I saw the improvement in a lot of areas and I liked it and continued to go down that path; let’s see what else we can do to improve.

~ Nikola Popovic, audio editor, The Nutrition Heretic Podcast ~

What I love best about this is there is not a single thing that I have eliminated… I did not change the way I ate.

If anything, it changed the way I felt about how I was eating.

Not vilifying my food anymore…

Not looking at the butter on my plate and feeling tremendous guilt about it. And honestly, actually feeling like it’s a good component on my plate and giving me some benefit.

~ Gina P, Lost 15 lbs in 2 months with Frenching Your Food. ~


Meet Adrienne Hew, Certified Nutritionist

My name is Adrienne Hew. I’m a Certified Nutritionist and I’m passionate about creating healthy bodies.

Unfortunately, too many women today are plagued with failing health despite their best attempts to do everything right as the self-proclaimed health experts have laid out for them. This not only costs them their fertility, it is also the leading cause of obesity, asthma, allergies, ear infections and autism in children as well as many other health conditions that are on the rise.

Trust me, I’ve been around the block and at one point was one of the unhealthiest people walking the planet even though I ate a diet considered healthy by both conventional dietitians and so-called holistic (or as I like to call them, “half-istic”) practitioners. Today I am one of the healthiest people I know, not so much because of lifestyle as much as because I am not suffering with diseases that my peers have developed since my recovery. And guess what, I do almost everything contrary to what the experts suggest.