Guest Heretic Jason Prall of The Human Longevity Project ~ Part 2

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Welcome back to the second part of our interview with Jason Prall of the Human Longevity Project. Last week Jason shared the dietary wisdom we can glean from the world’s oldest inhabitants. Today, he’ll tell us about the meaning of life for people living in the Blue Zones and the most surprising takeaways from his film. You can go watch his film for free starting May 7th click here to sign up.

The Secrets To Living Longer with Happiness, Jason Prall

Jason has traveled the world for the last 15 months, to all the Blue Zones (Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Okinawa) – and interviewed the world’s leading researchers, doctors, experts, authors, etc… on building true health, healthy aging, and longevity.

Jason Prall is a Longevity and Optimal Health Practitioner who works remotely with individuals around world to provide solutions for those struggling with weight loss or suffering from complex health issues that their doctors have been unable to resolve.

You can learn more about the Human Longevity Project through their website.

Highlights from today’s episode:

09:25 ~ Parallels between the Frenching Your Food summit and the Blue Zones.

10:48 ~  What people will find most surprising about the Human Longevity Project.

17:16 ~ How people can start applying the principles they learn in the film without getting neurotic and setting up the very stressors that they want to avoid.

20:39 ~ In Praise of Slowness.

25:12 ~ Steps to creating community for those who don’t have one.

36:12 ~ How American culture has made it difficult to reach out to others.

44:11 ~ The role technology will take in longevity.

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